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By joining and maintaining our location-membership that allows you access to our FREE food truck scheduling management tool, you are hereby agreeing to our written expectations listed here below:


1. you (the location or event host) will not accept any participation of food trucks who did NOT book your scheduled event dates through our service 


2. you (the location or event host) will post all your desired food truck visitation dates only onto this site and not create or promote new food truck invitation dates outside of this platform


3. you (the location or event host) will promote the names and menus of the scheduled food trucks to through any-and-all communication channels to your tenants/residents to the best of your abilities


Failing to adhere to these expectations above undermines our relations with food trucks, but also it undermines your sustainability with attracting food trucks themselves. Their profitability is congruent with predictability, which our service provides.

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