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  • How to Signup
    No matter if you are a location wanting food truck visits or a food truck seeking local events, your path to signing is very simple. 1) go to "Members" tab 2) choose your pathway as a location or food truck 3) create a free profile that you will use to login for member services 4) once logged in return to the Member tab and subsequently the location or food truck members area 5) create new schedules as a location -or- book events as a food truck
  • Service Cost
    Locations receive a free service of hosting their schedules onto our platform for our participating member food trucks to book into. Food trucks pay only a $25/month membership to access the booking calendar and participate in as many events as they see fit.
  • non-binding agreement
    Location membership are free and can be cancelled at anytime. However, while using our service to display your schedule and receive booking food trucks, you must agree that 100% of food truck visitations are through us and not outside means. The following points help articulate these acknowledgements.
  • no "outside" vendors"
    Location members will NOT accept the participation of any food trucks (or any food/beverage related vendors) who did NOT book their schedule dates through our service.
  • no "outside" scheduling"
    As a compliment to the prievous point, we expect that all location members will NOT create other avenues for inviting local food trucks. Non-member food trucks who wish to participate must be directed to join our service and book among the other food truck members within the service. Also locations will ONLY accept those food trucks who properly book from the posted online schedules set on this service while maintaining our free membership.
  • promotion responsibilities
    All location members will commit to some minimum efforts of informing/promoting to their respective onsite population of what food trucks (by business name) are coming, and if possible the sharing of the menus of each visiting food truck. It is to each location's discretion on methods to promotion, however, we advocate at minimum the sharing of the live-online schedule link that displays the most accourate and up-to-date schedule information for every location we serve.
  • permits & regulations
    It is the SOLE responsibility that each food truck member maintain and adhere to any and all local policies and regulations set forth by the respective health departments and fire marshal's offices. Fines and penalties from any governing regulatory instution from the lack of adhering to its policies is the SOLE liability of each food truck member.
  • self-promotion responsibilities
    We expect every food truck member to display a minimum effort of advertising their presence for each visitation they make through our service. Methods of promotion are to each food truck's discretion, but sole reliance on the locations is not recommended.
  • location contact information
    It is expected that food truck members will ONLY contact the location members for the purposes of menu promotion and setup coordination for their set dates on the schedule they booked into. Contacting location members for events not scheduled through the service, or other favortism desires, is NOT acceptable. Food trucks members who obtain and share location contact information for any other purpose beyond the integrity of the service and the promotion of their booked visitation can risk being removed from the service and all their subsequent booked dates to all locations within the service.
  • account information collection
    FREE MEMBER PROFILES When accessing our site's members-only areas, we require the user to create a free account using at minimum a working email. Optional to the user's discretion is the inputs of a first and last name to the new account, a phone number, and business name. LOCATION MEMBERS These (free) accounts are for managers/owners of locations to begin our service's support in of their desires to host local food trucks, for which this platform is built to assit the production of an online schedule for food truck members to book into. We collect the location's address, contact person full name, their email, and their phone number. FOOD TRUCK MEMBERS These (paid) accounts are for the use of food truck operators to profile their business and to access booking online schedules to their desire. We collect the food truck business name, a contact person's full name, an email, and a phone number.
  • account information use
    GENERAL USE We like to insure that users who create a free member profile/account, are using our site to the best integrity of the service and its other users. The profile information (if honest) helps us to be aware who is accessing our (public) data gathered. LOCATION INFORMATION A location's account information with us is used to help build the most accourate operating expections for the prospecting food truck members. This may include what permits are necessary by the location's address, what clientele may be onsite, what cuisine desires may pre-exist, as well as the location's necessary contact information for menu promotion and setup instructions on visitation day(s). FOOD TRUCK INFORMATION A food truck's account information is used for informing to the locations who they should expect on their schedule dates of visitation. These details help unveil business names to promote, what cuisine expectations there are, and the necessary contact information for setup instructions on visitation day(s). Additionally, this can help assist the rotation in cuisine variety, as well as avoid the potential unnecessary cuisine-competition if multiple food trucks visit per scheduled date.
  • account information shared
    MEMBER USE From which member profile are created, whatever the user inputs into their account is liable to be displayed for other members viewing access. However, account passwords and payment account information are not public information shared. Generally the account information shared is intended to support food truck members and location members getting in touch with each other for their upcoming visitations on the schedule. OUR USE We seek to advertise to the public generally what locations and food trucks use our service. For locations that is as simple as addresses, location photos, and description of their schedule. For food trucks we are more collective in information as an intend to excite any audience of their business.
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