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Corporate Benefits
- without the -
Corporate Job

We help connect food truck employers to local workers interested in the more freelance nature of the industry, but who are also enticed in having the same health insurance benefits that big companies use to attract and retain employees.

Employer Application Steps

We have made a partnership with Provision Health Insurance in order to enact a unique employees benefits program that would otherwise only be available to traditional corporate businesses with 50+ employees. Now a food truck business can offer its workers these same benefits, which will help recruitment and retention of food truck workers. Workers joining your team, or even those floaters grabbing shifts between different food truck operators, can now have corporate benefits without the corporate job.


If you are a food truck operator looking to add this health insurance benefits program, or to at least know more about it, then please follow these steps:

Step One

Set an appointment with Chandler Weeks of Provision Health Insurance here

Step Two

Make your chosen appointment with Chandler and discuss with him to see if the programs works for your business.

Step Three

Let Chase the Food Trucks know you have joined Provision Health Insurance program so we can advertise you in our newsletter to potential workers.

Step Four

Continuously check the "staffing sheet" found on this page here. Make sure your food truck is posting job here. Contact anyone listed you see fit, and now you can offer them health benefits just like traditional large companies have.

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