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Since August 2018...

This service was formed to provide all the support necessary for both mobile restaurants and their corresponding events that host them. Our primary focus is conducting organized scheduling that allows the maximum number of food trucks to know and attend desirable events, while at the same time allowing events-locations to enjoy the maximum cuisine variety with rotational visits among the food trucks. Ultimately, we desire our service to produce sustainability in the scheduling relationships among these two entities.

Founder Sean Henry Jaehne

The Vendor Sender LLC


Since 2015, our founder conducted food truck festivals within the city limits of his hometown of Houston-TX. These events garnished the first relationship with local food trucks, and allowed Sean to obtain a better understanding of this industry that was obviously underserved and vastly inefficient. It was by the start of 2016 that Sean Henry Jaehne would begin the precursor of Chase The Food Trucks with that which was originally Food Truck Spaces.


The latter name was still the same concept as today's, however, a mistake in a later partnership would ultimately drive a wedge in working relationship. This did come with invaluable learning lessons that have thus translated to a better service in the preceding Chase The Food Truck today. Thus it now conducted with more resilience than it ever previously did.

The growth of this service is set to evolve into a primarily mobile app version, that will eventually introduce food truck customers to the scheduling interactions. The app's first introduction is set for mid-2022, but will steadily evolve in scope itself year-after-year. The ultimate desire is to have a industry specific tool that answer all primary needs of its stakeholders; food trucks, locations for visitations, and food truck customers.


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